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Arcadia Garden Products U65CT 849637003455 Simplicity Window Box, 25.5" x 9, Cement

  • $ 99.29

About this item

  • LIGHTWEIGHT & DURABLE: When the look and durability of a concrete planter is wanted without the unyielding weight and breakability factor, this PSW window box-shaped planter fits the quest. It’s well-crafted while notably lightweight.
  • RECYCLED MATERIALS: A blend of recycled plastic, stone powder and wood dust is used to create this concrete-looking planter. PSW products are both attractive and eco-friendly, making them popular with environmental-minded gardeners.
  • ORIGINAL: The unique appearance of each PSW product is one-of-a-kind due to the blending of recycled materials. The slight variations in the finish infer an artisan’s touch, making these planters appealing and functional.
  • WEATHER RESISTANT: Through snow, sleet, rain or heat – this item can withstand extremes. UV rays won’t fade this item so count on it to be long-lasting. PSW plant containers are for use indoors and outside.
  • PROTECTIVE: Water spills from over-doused houseplants can ruin surfaces. This planter does not leak and safely contains moisture for potted ferns, foliage, and flowers. For outdoor use, this container can easily be drilled to allow for drainage.
  • VARIETY: Having choices makes a difference when creating a certain look in your garden or indoor plants area. PSW products are available in a variety of sizes and colors to complement your existing gardenscape or to create a new garden or patio look.