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Cozy Sock and Foot Lotion Care Package Gift Set - 3 Pieces - Pomegranate Vanilla

  • $ 19.25

About this item

  • Treat your feet the same as you would at a spa for the day with this moisturizing set for your tired dogs. There's moisture cream and socks to be used together to revitalize your feet.
  • Combine the socks with the lotion when you're lounging around the home, crawling into bed, or sitting at your desk as you work from home. Wear them with the lotion for healing moisturizing.
  • Within the set, you get a bottle of lotion which is delightful smelling and freshens up the feet. Combine it with the socks for an at-home spa experience.
  • Treat your own feet with this moisturizing foot sock and lotion set or give it as a holiday to family and friends who enjoy treating themselves a little bit got the holidays.
  • Socks: polyester, spandex and rubber. Machine care. Includes Socks - lotion: 2.2 oz. - Socks fits women's sizes 9-11
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