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Wiz Dice Cup of Plenty: 5 Sets of 7 Premium Pearlized Polyhedral Role Playing Gaming Dice for Tabletop RPGs with Brown Bicast Leather Dice Cup

  • $ 26.96

  • FIVE FULL SETS: Add a quick injection of 35 polyhedral dice in standard sets of seven: d4, d6, d8, d10, d00, d12, and d20
  • PREMIUM TREATMENTS: Each cup comes filled with five of our classic deluxe pearlized treatments: Smoke, Horizon, Serpent, Forbidden Treasure, and Copper Sands
  • ROLL IN STYLE: The Cup of Plenty is a brown bicast leather dice cup with a handsome golden foil stamp and a classic orange velvet interior
  • LOTS OF LOOT: Each cup comes in a reusable, regal red treasure chest box. Store minis, tokens, or more dice (we all have more dice!)
  • COLLECT EM ALL: Not enough dice? Grab the Cup of Wonder for an additional five polyhedral dice sets in a black leather dice cup
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